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Here’s some video of a student’s progress from his first lesson to the 8th sax lesson -(Video here)- (here is the youtube link below)

Here’s what some of my students are saying about my lessons:

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No matter if you’re a beginner, I have an:

Easy Step By Step System

For Improvisors

In my method I will teach you how to play a rock solid solo in just 3 months without a lot of boring scales and theory that bogs you down and makes you want to give up playing.

It’s an easy system in which I’ve have broken it down into the most basic necessities for a great solo. that takes all the thinking out and just programs your ear and fingers. It’s so fast that I’m amazed every time I start a new student and see their progress.

It’s the fastest 3 step system ever to:

Step 1 Develop your sound like a pro

Step 2 Teach you how to play musical phrases.

Step 3 Teach how to play and improvise on all your favorite songs

Pick any style of jazz, rock or blues and I will help you learn the secrets to mastering it.

If you're frustrated with your solo ability and can't find a teacher who breaks it down and takes the mystery out of it, give me a call! I have a proven method that breaks through all the common barriers , you won't believe how simple it is. Your solos will start flowing without any thinking which just gets in the way.

This method takes all the thinking out of your playing so your head and fingers will get out of the way and you'll learn how to trust your ear to guide you through just like your favorite players. It’s not as hard as it may seem to you right now.

There are no tricks — just a simple step by step method that you can learn in 3 lessons and in 3 months you'll be applying it to all your favorite songs you want to solo on.

This is a fun method that gets you playing real music right away instead of just exercises and scales. As a part of the training you will receive a slow blues track (piano, bass and drums) that you can practice along with. In 3 months you will be a new player, soloing with confidence and catching all the chord changes.

The method is based on a very simple formula of memorizing 6 pairs of approach notes. The 6 pairs of notes can be memorized in the very first lesson. In less than a month you will be improvising simple phrases and in 3 months you will be playing on a blues progression like you never thought possible. It is so simple that at first you won’t believe it. Many of my students that experience improvising in this method for the first time think they just got lucky for a few seconds but the more they play with it the more they realize that it simply takes out the complexity of improvisation and allows them to play without thinking. Many of my students have commented that “I’m not thinking at all and it’s just coming out without even trying” and that’s the real beauty of this method. It takes all the thinking out of your playing and allows your ear to guide your fingers. That way you are able to play without overloading you brain with a lot of technical information. The method is not based on any tricks or short cuts. Instead, it’s based on how the body naturally learns which is the same process that is happening when a great improviser is playing at his best. There is very little thinking going on which allows the body to let the music flow out naturally, which is why great improvisers look like they’re not even trying hard because they have already programmed it in and are just having fun letting it come out. You’ll be experiencing that too!!

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